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We are two brothers who love DJing & have been performing for Weddings & Events for over a decade.

We pride ourselves on our superb mixing skill set and our ability to cater to our clients musical tastes & will always try to get the party started and going all night long. We aspire to provide the perfect atmosphere for each event we are honored to participate in.

About Us

Dj Fingafresh - Brian
Master of Ceremonies - David

At the age of 12, Brian received his first set of turntables for his birthday and has been spinning ever since. Raised on vinyl, no stranger to digging in the crates, his skills have evolved from newcomer to professional with each passing year. He started in the family room, then like many budding Dj's progressed to house parties and has gone on to perfect his techniques in clubs & bars from Los Angeles to a residency in Las Vegas, all along the way performing for various Corporate & Private events and Weddings. No stranger to various formats, with passing time and the advancements in technology, he has become just as well versed in the digital age on Dj controllers and CDJs, but he still prefers the coveted Vinyl/Turntable format. He doesn't shy from the challenge of staying current and eclectic in his musical repertoire; if it has a beat, and his audience wants to hear it,he can mix it.

Falling in love with Hip-Hop & Turntablism in the sleepy suburbs of Los Angeles County, David grew up listening to radio Dj's mix and blend the hits over the airwaves, knowing full well that one day he'd follow in those Dj's footsteps in his own way. David shied away from the club Dj scene as a Dj preferring rather to hone his craft as a "bedroom" Dj; to play for the masses was an aspiration but never the driving force behind him. Love of the craft, the development of skills to match the Dj's he listened to growing up, and the pursuit of the clean mix was the motivation he needed to grow as a Dj. Through Corporate & Private Events & Weddings, David discovered his natural knack for speaking on the microphone as Master of Ceremonies. Combined with his brother Brian, he completes the Dj/MC duo.

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